OCCS Full Day Homeschool Extension

OCCS Homeschool Extension enriches and supports the home-education of parents by providing:

  • Academic enrichment of home schooled students,
  • Social opportunities and life-long friendships for both parents and children,
  • Spiritual support and growth with other homeschool families

Extension Membership:

  • Application:
    • OCCS Extension requires any homeschool family seeking membership to complete an application and go through the interview process with school administrators. New members are accepted based on a number of factors including, but not limited to: prayer, and available classroom space.
  • Criteria:
    • Members of the OCCS Extension are like-minded, Christian homeschooling families who seek to be a part of an active community, supporting each other and growing together in their homeschooling journeys. Members agree with OCCS’s Mission Statement and Statement of Faith


  • Grade Levels:
    • It is the intent to have classes broken up as follows: it may vary and change slightly depending on need and students registered.
      • Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
      • 3rd Grade – 6th Grade
      • 7th Grade – 12th Grade
  • Length:
    • (3) 70 minute classes
    • 45 minutes of Chapel
    • 45 minutes of Recess/club meetings
    • 30 minute lunch


  • $200/student per quarter
    • Sibling Discount is available.
      • $350/quarter for two students
      • $450/quarter for three or more students
    • Extras
      • Events such as field trips or teen socials may have an additional charge as scheduled.

This program seeks to provide a whole group experience for students in a positive environment of high standards that is positive and respectful. We rely on each family to contribute to the success of the extension. Therefore, we will hold all participants to a standard of behavior consistent with conservative Christian family values.