Robin Clark

I grew up in Colden, NY, a small town south of Buffalo. I went to SUNY Fredonia and received my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a Geo Science concentration. I met my future husband at Fredonia, who grew up in Oswego. My husband attended OCCS for the duration of his elementary school years. I started working at OCCS in 2004.

While I worked, I also attended SUNY Oswego and obtained my master’s degree in Literacy Education.  I taught at OCCS until the spring of 2009.  I did not return in the fall because our first child was born.  Even as a stay at home mom, I stayed connected to OCCS, volunteering as a gym teacher, art teacher, and a substitute teacher.  I am also a member of the OCCS school board.  Last year, I had the opportunity to return as a teacher to OCCS and I am presently teaching 5th-8th grade math.  It is a joy to teach at the same school where my daughter and son also attend and to use my gifts to affect the lives of my students in a positive way.